P I E R C E D   O U T
San Jose's Foremost Piercing Studio
3014 Union Ave.
Suite B
San Jose, Ca. 95124

Since 1993

Hours of Operation:

Monday -         11:am-7:pm

Tuesday –       11:am-7:pm
Wednesday -  11:am - 9:pm
Thursday -      11:am - 9:pm
Friday -           11:am - 9:pm
Saturday -      11:am – 9:pm
Sunday           11:am - 8:pm

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Pierced Out  is San Jose's premier body modification studio. We have been producing and carrying the highest quality professional implant grade jewelry since 1993!  We're known by our customers to be the cleanest and most friendly studio in the San Jose area. Our studio has a reputation for being on the cutting edge of jewelry and piercing technology.

Our Staff:

John: Owner

Hi, I'm John, owner & founder of Pierced Out and I’ve been into the piercing industry since 1990. I started with the stretching of my ears first, followed by other random body parts. I decided in 1993 to start Pierced Out only on the sole fact that so much overpriced bad jewelry was on the market. By providing a better “HAND MADE” piece of jewelry to the retail stores it insured the retail customers a much nicer piece of body jewelry.

Our piercing studio started inside Marks of Art tattoo studio in 1995. We've come a long way since those days. Were now in our own unit next door to Marks of Art tattoo. It has been great since the move and the studio is better than ever, our customers love the new space. It has more room for our customers and less distractions with no tattooing going on. I still supply some studios with hand made jewelry and still enjoy doing custom work. If your looking for something a little different come in and set up a time to meet or message me and let’s talk.

Our studio is overwhelmingly better than other shops, hair salons & mall piercing shops or carts…  ASK OUR CUSTOMERS!.

We strive on being the most up to date/educated piercing studio in the south bay. Our aftercare is very carefully put together by the piercers, to be the most helpful to you, our customers.

Please research your piercing establishment, see if they have the right health certification, training, tools, equipment and sterile conditions that your looking for in a reputable piercing studio. 

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Please, Be Safe, Be Careful & Enjoy Your Piercings!



Annie: Senior Piercer/General Manager

Where to start... I'm a 30+/- year old Body Piercer & I started Piercing myself when I was 12 and it just went from there. I've been into Piercing, Tattoo's and Body Mods of all kinds as far back as I can remember... I have been at Pierced Out for over 13 years and I love it more and more each day. I love the work I do and the people I get to meet.  My main reason for getting into piercing professionally was to get people the right information..... I wanted to be able to provide a service in a safe manner in a professional setting.  So come by and visit with me and let's see if we can't get you into some new jewelry or even a piercing!!

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So come see for yourself why our customers say we are the #1 studio in San Jose.

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